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Emes School

As part of our larger push to increase access to education in Port au Prince we rebuilt five classrooms at a local community school called Emes School. These improvements have allowed more children to attend this affordable, community run school.

Project Status:



  • Create safe, covered classroom space
  • Improve sanitary conditions at the school

Actions Taken:

  • Replaced damaged, leaking roof over one classroom and built new roof over another
  • Constructed roof for kitchen area and bathroom area
  • Installed concrete floor in the bathroom and bathroom wall for privacy
  • Demolished and rebuilt two unsafe walls
  • Repaired four damaged walls


  • New classrooms ready for use
  • Sanitary conditions improved for 20 students
  • Students attending school in a safer, more comfortable environment
  • Space provided for more students to attend school

Full Description:

Our work at Emes School addressed safety, space, and health issues. These works have not only provided more space for children to attend at this affordable community school, but have made the school safer for the children.

We intend to continue monitoring the situation at Emes School and ensure that the children attending class in this new improved classroom are thriving. Our commitment to education means that our relationships with the schools we help go beyond a one off construction project.

While education may not immediately appear to be related to the earthquake, ensuring that children are able to attend school is key to creating communities that are able to resist and recover from disasters. And that means that education is at the heart of long-term, sustainable recovery.