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English Students

Our English students are a diverse group, but they all have one thing in common: they understand that learning English is a route to a better life.

Thanks to ALM Photography for the use of these photos.


We asked Berline to tell us about how the English classes are changing her life.

Some years ago, I couldn't speak English. When I finished with school, a friend of mine asked me to teach English in high school. I was afraid to do that, but this year, I teach without any problem, because my English classes help me to speak and able to teach. Thanks the staff.



Loezy Dominique is a 29 year old student in our Intermediate class. Read more.






Carolina is from Port au Prince. She is 30 years old and, before the earthquake, she was a student at Port au Prince's main University where she was studying accounting. Learn More.






Madianie is 32 years old and has three sisters.

When she isn't studying English, her interests are music and reading.

Madianie recently finished nursing school, and speaking English will help her get the best nursing jobs.

She plans to improve her English and work as a nurse.


Jean Francois Garry is in our advanced classs. He is 20 years old and hails from Port au Prince. Learn more.





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