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Health Education

Due to a lack of education and the earthquake's effects on an already very weak health infrastructure, many Haitians were left without the tools to stay healthy. This project aimed to provide those tools to as many at risk children and caregivers as possible, 

Project Status: 

Launched on January 9th, 2011. Complete.


  • Improve general health of community through education and basic health assessments.
  • Address the lack of education of how illness spreads and what causes illness - especially among women and children.
  • Provide first aid training to give community skills to overcome the limited access to pre-hospital. 


  • 437 adults educated on keeping themselves and their children healthy as well as first aid
  • 432 condoms distributed
  • Orphanage staff at two orphanages given first aid training and health education
  • More than 100 children receiving health education
  • 616 children treated during Fond de Negres clinic and in Orphanages

Full Description:

While IDV is not a medical charity, we do understand that health is an integral part of long-term disaster recovery. If a community can't stay healthy, then that community will not be strong enough to lead its own reconstruction.

However simply providing interim medical care is unsustainable – what will the community do when those doctors leave?

As a result, we ran a comprehensive year long health education programme in Port au Prince, Haiti. Led by IDV Health Coordinator and Paediatric Registered Nurse Lauren Odman, we held a series of medical trainings, workshops, and clinics with local orphanages and community groups. Our goal was to empower community leaders to take control of their own health by teaching them how to themselves and their loved ones healthy.

Health training took place with the Hands Together to Defend the Children Orphanage, La Main Tendre Orphanage, the Foyer d'Orelph Orphanage, a local women's group, and community groups.