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La Main Tendre Orphanage and School

Prior to the earthquake, La Main Tendre Orphanage housed all thirty of its children in a large comfortable building with a free school. The earthquake destroyed that structure as well as the school. We helped the orphanage rebuild their school, constructed a new kitchen, and built a drainage system for the courtyard and play area. Together, these changes have made the orphanage much more hygienic and reduced water borne illness.

Project Status:



  • Ensure that the thirty school-age children at the orphanage can go to school
  • Rebuild security wall
  • Concrete communal outdoor area and provide drainage


  • Transitional classrooms constructed and 30 school-age children back at school
  • Desks, school supplies, dividing walls and a chalkboard provided for this free school
  • Construction of security wall complete
  • Drainage system construction complete

Full Description:

Since October, 2010, we've worked with the La Main Tendre Orphanage to build a transitional classroom on the orphanage's property, ensuring that all the children were able to attend class, equip that school with desks, school supplies, and a chalkboard, and provide health education.

Today, our work with the LMT orphanage is complete, and we're delighted by how they've used the tools we provided to build a more sustainable future.