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Livelihoods & Evacuation Centre

Buklod Tao are the caretakers of the Banaba Livelihood and Evacuation Centre.

The main structure of the centre was built by another NGO but their funding ran out before work could be completed.

While some of the building was usable, the upper two floors were left without windows.


The centre was also left without a mains water supply and only had two working bathrooms.

For most of the year the centre is used to host Buklod Tao's impactful community development projects. But with windows on only one floor even moderate rain would disrupt these projects.

During typhoons the center is intended to be used as a safe place for sixty evacuated families. But with protection, sanitation and water supply all limited only a very few could use the building.

So, in the autumn of 2014 we worked with Buklod Tao to improve the centre.

The centre’s second floor is now watertight and secure, thanks to both windows and security bars being installed. We’ve also finished construction work on the centre's second and third floor bathrooms.

This work has doubled the amount of usable space in the center and it's also doubled the amount of usable sanitation facilities.

We also installed a rainwater harvesting system and pump to provide a water supply.

The rainwater harvesting system can store over 650 gallons and we’ve helped train Buklod Tao in how to sterilise the contained water.

This means families evacuated during typhoons can now receive safe drinking water without outside help being necessary.

Outside of typhoons one of the community development projects based at the centere involves teaching urban vegetable gardening to families. This provides families with better nutrition and more food security.

So, we’ve recently supported this project’s growth through the construction of a greenhouse at the centre for seedlings.

We currently considering ways we can further improve the centre, but we need more funding to continue this work.

Please consider donating today.