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Mix de Sabauth School

More than 180 children are enrolled in classes at Mix de Sabauth School. The earthquake severely damaged the school's second story, significantly reducing classroom space. Even worse, the damaged structure was directly over the area where the children attend class and was in severe danger of collapsing. This made for a dangerous place for the children to attend class.

Project Status:



  • Eliminate damaged structures
  • Provide new classrooms to replace those that were destroyed
  • Help more children access education by providing space to attend school


  • Four transitional classroom constructed and two permanent classrooms repaired
  • Damaged building demolished, eliminating risk of collapse on students
  • Damaged floor replaced

Full Description:

Our work at Mix de Sabauth School was part of our larger goal of improving access to education in Port au Prince. A lack of safe classroom space following the earthquake is one major reason that some children are not attending school.

Projects like this one address this issue by investing in transitional classrooms. When we say “transitional,” we mean a structure that can be used immediately and then, as the school's needs change, later be transformed to meet those changing circumstances.

The classrooms are constructed using roofs rated to last between five and seven years supported by cemented in posts. Their walls are made of lightweight, cool materials which range from tarp to plywood depending on the project needs.

Transitional classrooms are an excellent way to provide classroom space because they meet both short and long-term needs. They can be constructed in a matter of days and easily be turned into permanent structures when the school is ready by simply infilling walls with more permanent materials.