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Donations Matched

On April 16th starting at 12pm EST (5pm British Summer time), GlobalGiving will matched your gifts to the Aram Learning Studio by 50%. The school’s founder, Charina, recently wrote this letter expressing her gratitude for IDV’s help re-opening the school and asking for our on-going support. Read more »

Helen Thompson Memorial Fund

28 year old teacher Helen Thompson was fundraising for IDV when she died tragically from a blood clot in December 2013. Read more »

£5000 Trade Pounds from Bartercard

Thanks to your votes we’ve been awarded £5,000 Trade Pounds from Bartercard. Read more »

Cook for Good

Starting in February, you'll be able to take Thai cooking classes in London to help raise money for IDV's work in response to Haiyan. Read more »

Volunteers Needed in Tacloban

We are delighted to announce that, thanks to your generosity over the festive season and the support of GlobalGiving, we are now launching a full volunteer deployment in Tacloban. Read more »

$115,000 for Haiyan Response

We would like to extend a huge thank you to GlobalGiving for awarding IDV with three grants in support of our Super Typhoon Haiyan response! Together, these grants have provided $115,000 for our work in Tacloban. These funds will help us invest in livelihoods, rebuild homes, provide aid and a great deal more.  Read more »

Getting Shane Back to School

Five year old Shane lives in Tacloban. While the storm’s aftermath has been hard on all of Tacloban’s residents, it’s been particularly hard on Shane and his family because Shane is autistic. Read more »

IDV Partners to Rebuild Coron

We are delighted to announce our partnership with RebuildCoron. Rebuild Coron is a collaborative effort between international groups, Filipino organisations and individuals that is supporting the rehabilitation of typhoon affected communities in and around Coron.  Read more »

IDV CEO to Visit Tacloban

IDV Chief Executive Officer Andy Chaggar will travel to the Philippines between December 8th and December 23rd.  Read more »

Medical Supplies Donated

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Joyson Pte Ltd for their generous donation of medical supplies to support our response to Super Typhoon Haiyan. Read more »