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Enock (or Nocky) is 31 years old. He joined EIM in May 2011 and has since become a star student. This year, he's working as a trainee teacher.

Nocky had never attended an official English course before joining the school, yet in only two years he has already risen to the advanced level. Nocky's exemplary record as a student was one of the reasons we asked him to follow in Richardson's footsetps as a trainee teacher.

Throughout 2013, Nocky is working closely with experienced teacher Lynda to learn all about how to help students succeed. At the end of the year we hope to welcome him as a full teacher with his own class.

Choosing just one trainee teacher from our body of talented students is always a challenge but Nocky stood out as a leader among the students. What's more, he has always grasped that EIM is special not just for its academic excellence, but because of the community spirit it fosters and how its supportive environment helps the students.

“EIM is not a usual school. The fellow students are always welcoming and help each other. The students are also always helping the teachers – like during exams when we help setup benches, and clean up. They really want to give back to the school because EIM is like our family.”

Nocky is looking forward to starting his new role at EIM and also to continuing his studies. He's also very hopeful that his English skills will help him capitalise on his professional qualification as an electrician by allowing him to find and retain more clients. “English is the commercial language in Haiti, and my customers will be happier to hear me speaking English.”

Nocky was quick to attribute his success to his teacher – Schneider - and to thank the donors who have contributed to keep the school free. With his electrical jobs coming few and far between, Nocky couldn't have afforded to pay a fee for the school.

He had one simple message he wanted passed along: “Please keep giving money to support EIM – it's making a difference every day."

We hope you'll consider making a donation today in support of Nocky's teacher training.