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Richardson Jean is 25 years old. He was born in Jeremie, Haiti. In 2012, Richardson worked as a trainee teacher, and this year, he'll teach his own class.

Richardson comes from a large family – he has three sisters and five brothers in addition to his mother and father. Before the earthquake Richardson was in his last year of secondary school, but the earthquake changed everything.

“I was renting a house that was destroyed in the earthquake and then moved into a tent camp with my younger brother. They don't really offer us any services at the camp and my tent isn't that secure. Every time it rains my heart races. “

Richardson can't move in with either of his parents because his father lives in a tent and his mother is caring for the rest of his siblings. His fear of the rain is more than justified. In a single storm in September 2010, more than 20,000 tents were destroyed.

We hope that Richardson's new job as a teacher will help him afford safe housing and the financial security he needs to look forward to a brighter future. Besides providing him with a much needed salary, the school also gives Richardson a sense of hope and accomplishment.

“I like teaching because when you teach you get to share your English with people, which is important. You also learn more since you have to know everything by heart in order to teach it. I also enjoy coming up with new formulas and ways to teach my students to make them understand it.”

It costs just €114 (£93, $150) a month to keep Richardson teaching. Please give what you can to support Richardson's hard work.