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Updates from the Field

From June 2010 to December 2011 IDV volunteers worked in Haiti to help survivors rebuild and recover in the long-term. In late September, 2012, we returned to Haiti for a short visit to see how our projects are still changing lives.

We focused on visiting the largest projects we completed in Haiti and were delighted to find that these projects are still having a massive impact. The following page summarises their progress.

The English in Mind Institute

The English programme has grown into a fully functioning school called the English in Mind Institute and is an unmitigated success. Not only are this year's exam results very strong, but the students refer to the school as being like a family. Next year we'll be adding an additional class led by new teacher Richardson and bring on a trainee teacher named Nocky. We're delighted by the progress the teachers have made since IDV's departure and will post more detailed update on the English in Mind Institute page soon.

Transitional Classroom Construction

IDV built transitional classrooms at Emes School, College Adonai, and Mix de Sabauth School. At all three schools, the transitional classrooms we built have been used to admit more students, and the resulting income has allowed the schools to build more permanent classrooms. The transitional classrooms have, in effect, been used as a stepping stones to long-term growth for each school.

La Main Tendre Orphanage (LMT)

In 2011, IDV volunteers spent many months building a new drainage system, kitchen, and cooking area for the orphanage, as well as renovating the orphanage's bathrooms. A visit to LMT revealed that the drainage system, kitchen, cooking areas, and bathrooms are all still functioning as new and being used daily. As a result staff report far fewer waterborne illnesses, respiratory infections, and that the orphanage is generally a much cleaner, pleasant place to live.

Permanent Classroom Construction at Institution Classique

The classrooms which IDV constructed in late 2011 are holding strong, and are currently in use for primary school during the day and to house the English in Mind Institute in the evenings. The school reports being delighted by their performance.

IDV is now continuing to work in Haiti as well as in the Philippines. Find out about our work worldwide here.