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We're now accepting volunteers in Tacloban. Find out more about joining us

We’re often asked, “Why should I volunteer with IDV?” Volunteering with IDV is an enriching,rewarding experience that can help you develop your career – especially if you’re thinking about overseas employment in the future. Here are a few of the reasons we think you should join us in the Philippines.

Affordability. Many organisations charge more than £1,000 a week, and that’s in addition to paying for your flights, insurance, and a registration fee! Those kinds of costs often prevent people from undertaking voluntary work abroad. IDV is different.

We don’t charge any kind of registration or administration fee. You’ll only be asked to cover the costs of keeping you safe and productive in the Philippines – about 600 Pesos (£10, €12, $15) a day. We don’t make a profit from you - your contribution covers costs like rent, drinking water, food, internet, and other essential items. You can read more about the costs of volunteering on our essential information page.

Sustainability. We believe in volunteerism – not voluntourism! That means that we offer an opportunity for you to involve yourself in community-led projects which change lives in the long-term. Whether you stay a week or a year, you’ll know that your work in the Philippines contributed to real, sustainable change.

Flexibility. We know not everyone can afford to take a month off work. As a result, we don’t have a minimum required stay. We do recommend staying for at least two weeks so that you can get the most out of the experience, but if you can’t spare this long we’ll still do all we can to accommodate you. 

Experience a new culture. When you work overseas with IDV, you’ll live in a Filipino community and have the chance to participate in local activities, eat the local food, and learn the language. You won’t find yourself isolated from the community in a hotel or resort – you’ll get to immerse yourself in a new culture and live like a local.

Friends to last a life-time. Working abroad with IDV, you’ll not only get to know a new culture, you’ll also get to live with other volunteers from around the world who have come for the same reason as you – to help. The relationships you’ll form living and working with your fellow volunteers will make your experience much more memorable!

Career Development. If you’re interested in finding work abroad, developing a career in international aid, gaining leadership experience, or getting volunteer management experience, then working with IDV is a great way to build your CV. Even if you’re pursuing a completely unrelated career path, working overseas with IDV is a great way to make your CV stand out from the crowd!

And the Number 1 Reason – It’s Fun! When you volunteer abroad with IDV, you’ll be doing great work with great people, taking weekend trips with your new friends, and living communally - making meals, watching films, and enjoying one another's company. There are challenges to volunteering, but it’s also great fun!

Ready to get started?

Learn more about joining us in Tacloban