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Community Football Programme

We're working with community leaders to re-establish community soccer leagues. The teams used to play weekly prior to the earthquake, but lost all their supplies when the house where they were stored was destroyed. Although playing football may sound like a small comfort, it is invaluable to have a positive outlet for the stress and frustration many have experienced since the earthquake. Playing a team sport also gives youths in very difficult circumstances a sense of community and support.

 Project Status:



  • Equip three community led football leagues totaling 100 teams and about 900 youths which will give local young people a positive outlet for stress
  • Encourage community cohesion through team spirit
  • Strengthen the youth led community group which will run the programme


Several teams supported and participating in informal games

Full Description:

Since the earthquake local youths have suffered from the stress of living in difficult post-earthquake circumstances. With no positive outlet for that stress, the community has seen upswings in violence, drinking, and gangs.

We're supporting the community's drive to set up a long-term football programme which will give these youths a positive way to spend their weekends, release stress, and feel the sense of security and accomplishment that playing on a team provides.

Organised and coached by community members, this is truly a grassroots effort to address issues afflicting the young people in this community. The programme also fosters a natural love of football, which is demonstrated by the youths who find ways to play despite having no resources or support.

By encouraging the growth of this programme we can not only keep youths off the street and out of trouble, but help them feel a sense of control that was taken from them in the earthquake and in the aftermath.

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