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Disaster Awareness

At IDV, we're committed to sustainable disaster recovery and long term community regeneration. That means that rather than just picking up the pieces, we rebuild to a better standard than before and help communities become more able to resist and recover from future disasters.

To accomplish this goal, we need to understand disasters as more than just natural events that are completely outside our control. We need to recognise the factors that make a population vulnerable to natural disasters and inhibit recovery.

This section is about understanding's IDV's comprehensive approach to disaster and highlighting how certain factors can make a community vulnerable to disaster. These factors can have roots in the choices we make at home.

If you're brand new to IDV, and have never considered the global picture of disasters, we recommend you start by considering the question, are disasters natural? This is the question that defines IDV's approach to disaster response. The rest of this section focuses on how making the choice to become more responsible global citizens can have a positive effect on long term disaster trends.

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Links and Resources

If you're keen to learn more about any aspect of climate change and how you can reduce your impact, this is the section for you.

This page is broken up into several sections, each of which contains links and resources relating to its topic. If you don't find what you're looking for, just contact us and we'll do our best to find the answer to your question.


Are Disasters Natural?

We tend to regard natural disasters as events which can't be controlled. While it's true that we can't stop a typhoon or an earthquake, does that mean that disasters are completely outside of our control?

Climate Change and Disasters

Climate change is playing an increasingly important role in causing weather-related disasters and in making communities more vulnerable to the effects of disasters. Read more »

Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

To tackle climate change, governments around the world must make a commitment to lower emissions. But while governments must take action, we can't afford to wait for politicians to take the lead. Read more »